Merge of Pipetronics and Pipe-Seal-Tec

We are pleased to announce that effective January 1st, 2022 Pipe-Seal-Tec GmbH & Co. KG merged with Pipetronics GmbH & Co. KG.
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Dresdner Abwassertagung

23. - 24. April 2024 in Dresden, Germany
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Salon Ville Sans Tranchée

29. - 30. May 2024 in Paris, France
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Pipetronics In-house Exhibition 2024

12. June 2024
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22. Deutscher Schlauchlinertag and 13. Deutscher Reparaturtag

17. - 18. September 2024 in Kassel, Germany
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Multiple variants - eCUTTER installation in a 3.5 t van

The electric robot milling system from Pipetronics for pipelines DN 150  up to DN 400 (6”-16”) is now also available in a compact version - the battery-operated robot system can be expanded on a modular basis

The numerous vehicle variants and equipment options make it possible to adapt Pipetronics robot technology to customer requirements in a wide variety of vehicles. For renovation contractors who want to extend their vehicle fleet to include an extremely quiet, compact and maneuverable robot milling system that can be operated by holders of an ordinary car driver's license, the company now also offers the expansion in a 3.5 t van, from Mercedes or Volkswagen, among others. The first system of this kind was handed over to Geiger Kanaltechnik, Germany in October 2020.
The system can be equipped with the latest generation eCUTTER15/40, enabling all milling work to be carried out in ducts in sizes DN 150 to DN 400. The digitally controlled system, which works with a powerful 48 V DC brushless milling motor, has numerous sensors and assistance systems. The milling stroke can be extended with a mounted milling shaft extension. In addition, the robot may be fitted with a 4th axis, enabling the milling head to be continuously pivoted by up to 90 °.

In a world first, this robot system can be expanded on a modular basis if required. The eCUTTER15/60 or eCUTTER15/80 can be supplemented with the large EF250 (DN 250 – DN 800; 10” – 32”)) milling robot.

"In order to save weight, we use lightweight panels instead of checker plate for this expansion," explains Yilmaz Saglam, head of the Pipetronics branch and vehicle manufacturing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück/Germany. “The control room with its monitors and control console is located in the usual position behind the driver's cab and is equipped with a refrigerator and much more. A ceiling fan or air conditioning system can be installed for temperature control. The loading capacity of the eCUTTER is in no way restricted by the batteries, as these are located under the vehicle floor. Particularly lightweight, insulated plastic sheeting is used for the vehicle's side wall and roof panels. This means that the renovation vehicle is ready for use in cold winter conditions. The system was installed in a Sprinter with a long wheelbase for Geiger. The expansion is also available in the medium wheelbase version. This makes the system even more compact and maneuverable and increases the payload by around 200 kg. The total weight of the system for Geiger with this expansion and this configuration is 3.3 tons.

3.5 t vehicle system

Possible vehicle base: Mercedes Sprinter MB317 (wheelbase 3665 mm/length 5932 mm)

Vehicle length: medium; trailer hitch for 2 t - High roof; rotating beacons; auxiliary heating, optional additional alternator 28 V/100 A

Control cab: Insulated interior, touch monitor, keyboard with joysticks and extender, auxiliary heating, roof air conditioning, refrigerator, swivel chair, built-in fittings, and much more.

Workroom: Insulated interior, corrugated sheet aluminum floor, plastic side and roof cladding, utility supply unit with 100 meter combination cable (electricity, air, water) and boom including electric chain hoist, 270 l water tank, high-pressure cleaner, silent compressor, electric sun awning, 230 V / 16 A power supply, accumulator battery & inverter with 2 lithium batteries 12.8 V/200 Ah including integrated battery management, professional vehicle equipment with workbench

Contact details and further information

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