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We are pleased to announce that effective January 1st, 2022 Pipe-Seal-Tec GmbH & Co. KG merged with Pipetronics GmbH & Co. KG.
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22. August 2024 in Leipzig, Germany
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iPEK - Open Day

05. September 2024 in Dortmund, Germany
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17. - 18. September 2024 in Kassel, Germany
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19. September 2024 in Bergkamen, Germany
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The eCutter – the power tool for sewer rehabilitation

The future is electric – including the future of sewer robotics. Reducing CO2 and noise emissions is becoming more and more important in the everyday work of sewer rehabilitation companies. With the eCutter electric milling robot from Pipetronics, work can be carried out on-site with no emissions if required, and with no compromises when it comes to performance. It works particularly quietly, allowing work to be conducted even in the early morning hours or late in the evening.

The eCutter is available in the EF 150 variant for small and EF 250 variant for large sewers, and can be used for milling in main sewers from DN 150 to 800. Equipped with modern CAN-Bus technology and intelligent sensors to support operators on the construction site and warn them before failures occur due to abrasion, the eCutter is a future-proofed technology.

This power tool works well as a stand-alone solution, because of the homogeneous system architecture the robotic system can also be expanded easily if needed to add other sewer rehabilitation robots (PI.TRON filling and grouting system) or various multifunctional applications (HatSet, HydroJet Kit, WaterStop).


Experience the eCutter live and in action!

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Video: Electric milling robot Pipetronics eCutter





The eCutter can be used to conduct milling work on edges, persistent deposits, root invasion, sleeve displacements, sewer ruptures, cracks, damaged sockets, protruding connectors or steel parts, and to open installed lain pipe liners. Furthermore, completely closed sewers can be milled free from the front and steel anchors, reinforcement steel, or other obstructions can be removed. The eCutter can be used in main sewers sizes DN 150 to DN 400 (EF 150) and DN 250 to DN 800 (EF 250). Our portfolio also includes a selected range of high-quality milling tools for optimal milling results.

Electric system

The eCutter has a brushless, temperature-monitored 48-volt milling motor that requires no cable monitoring, and that reliably protects operators against injuries caused by electrical current. The powerful milling motor allows infinitely variable control for high-precision, delicate work. Milling work can be conducted continuously for up to 12h in battery mode, but also operation by using a generator, auxiliary alternator, or external feed is possible.

Quiet operation

Because of its quiet electrical operation, the eCutter can be used for working even in early morning or late evening hours, without the sewer rehabilitation work disturbing residents.

Up to any task

The standard stroke of the milling head is 88 mm (EF 150) or 160 mm (EF 250) and can be extended if needed with mounted milling shaft extensions. The 630° rotation of the milling head reliably reaches even hard-to-access areas. In addition, easy-to-mount chassis extensions allow operators to set the robot to any required working height.

4. Axis increases flexibility

The swivelling 4th axis can be set immediately up to 90°, meaning it can be converted directly for frontal milling to save tedious retooling work on the construction site. This also allows for deeper milling work to be conducted inside sewers.

Electrical ovoid-profile chassis

Both eCutter models (EF 150 and EF 250) can be equipped with electrically extendable ovoid-profile chassis, to conduct milling work in any position without the need for a manual conversion.

Carefully designed, down to the last detail

The eCutter is supplied with electricity, compressed air, and water by a 100 m combination cable. The supply plug can be folded up at a 90° angle for easy and reliable insertion into the shaft.
A camera with an integrated water flushing feature and windscreen wipers provides a clear view of the sewer during milling work. Water flushing through the milling tool also helps keep the work site clean and cools the milling tool during long working periods.

Intelligent assistance system with modern CAN-Bus technology

The eCutter controller is equipped with modern CAN-Bus technology, and the robot itself has multiple sensors. These sensors help facilitate work for operators on the construction site and ensure the reliability of the system.

Position sensors provide exact information on the position of the robot in the sewer, for precise work.

Moisture sensors in the robot deliver prompt warnings of any abrasion or leaks in the system, avoiding major damage and downtimes.

A remote connection allows remote maintenance and quick troubleshooting so problems can be corrected by our service team.

Other assistance systems, such as the patented Pathfinder, used to determine the position of the robot in the sewer down to the millimetre and to independently detect and open inflows, are in the testing phase at Pipetronics.

Carefully designed vehicle concept with excellent flexibility

The eCutter is available in several models, customised to the requirements of our customers:
The compact model: built into a stable stainless steel frame that can be independently transported in any normal van or even on a pick-up.

The flexible model: ready to start in a 3.5t van (such as a Mercedes Sprinter) that can access even the most remote sites.

The versatile model: mounted in a 5t van (such as a Mercedes Sprinter) to provide plenty of space for the Pipetronics eMulti-System with the PI.TRON filling and grouting system, and other multifunctional applications.

The XXL model: ready for use in a 7.5t truck, offering maximum space for the eMulti complete system and other accessories and equipment.

DNDN 150 – 300 (400)
Weightapprox. 35 kg (without milling tool)
Dimensionslength 795 mm (without camera)
Extension distance of the milling headup to 88 mm
Speed0 – 10 m/min
Pressure roller for sewersup to DN 400
Voltage48 V
Power output approx. 2,0 KW
Max. rotational speed5,000 U/min
OptionalExpansion up to DN 400
DNDN 250 – 600 (800)
Weightapprox. 80 kg (without milling tool)
Dimensionslength 970 mm (without camera)
Extension distance of the milling headup to 160 mm
Rotation630 degrees
Speed0 – 12 m/min
Pressure roller for sewersup to DN 800
Voltage48 V
Power output approx. 2.5 KW
Max. rotational speed5,000 U/min
OptionalExpansion up to DN 800 





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eCutter EF 150
eCutter EF 250
eCutter EF150
eCutter EF250
eCutter EF250
eCutter 15/40 with dimensional adjustment DN 150
eCutter 15/40 with dimensional adjustment DN 300
eCutter with dimensional adjustment DN 400
eCutter - Water flushing
eCutter, Sprinter version, command room
eCutter, Sprinter version with eMulti System
eCutter, Sprinter version with eMulti System

Milling tools

Milling tools
Milling tools
Milling tools
Milling tools
Milling tools
Milling tools


What can we do for you? Contact us to find out more about the eCUTTER, our electrically powered milling robot. We are here to assist you by telephone at +49 (0) 7244 94 993 - 0 or e-mail at info(at) We look forward to getting in contact with you!