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We are pleased to announce that effective January 1st, 2022 Pipe-Seal-Tec GmbH & Co. KG merged with Pipetronics GmbH & Co. KG.
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29. - 30. May 2024 in Paris, France
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Pipetronics In-house Exhibition 2024

12. June 2024
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22. Deutscher Schlauchlinertag and 13. Deutscher Reparaturtag

17. - 18. September 2024 in Kassel, Germany
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26. September 2024 in Fürth, Germany
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PI.TROC21 injection resin


The epoxy resin PI.TROC21 has been specially developed for side inlet rehabilitation. It is characterised by a very high viscosity and is distributed particularly quickly and evenly. The transparent form work of the PI.TRON injection system clearly shows how the resin flows continuously and how cavities are filled.

PI.TROC21 injection resin

Description – Detail


PI.TROC21 is a paste-like epoxy resin system from Pipetronics. It consists of two components. The area of application is the robot-supported rehabilitation of nozzles and pipe inlets in form work technology.

We offer PI.TROC21 in two curing agent variants: The Basic curing agent variant cures at an ambient temperature of 20°C within 3 hours. The Rapid curing agent version cures within 1.5 h at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

PI.TROC21 is available in 700 ml aluminium tubular bags. These are not only perfectly matched to the capacity of the resin cartridge of the PI.TRON filling and injection system, but can also be mixed quickly and easily in the specially developed SAM700 mixing and metering station in the quantities required for the respective application.

For the large cartridge with 2.8 l and a mixing ratio of 3:1, which has a total of four tubular bags of 700 ml each, the optimally mixed resin can be produced in a single process.

In addition, we offer PI.TROC21 in the 2.8 l tin.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent flow behaviour
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Maximum adhesion on damp and dry surfaces
  • Shrinkage and crack-free curing

Technichal data


Epoxy resin

Colour: Blue
Mixing ratio: Resin: curing agent 3:1
Specific gravity (mixture): approx. 1,2 g/cm³
Chemical resistance: ph 2 to ph 12
Pot life (at 20°C):with PI.TROC21 R (rapid): 25 minutes
with PI.TROC21: 40 minutes
Moulding time (at 10°C): with PI.TROC21 R (rapid): 3.5 h
with PI.TROC21. 8 h
Full chemical resistance: after 7 days
Form of delivery:

PI.TROC21.7 / PI.TROC21.7 R (rapid)
Tubular bags 700 ml, carton of 10 tubular bags
Container: Four cartons of 10 tubular bags (28 l) --> 3 cartons resin and 1 carton curing agent 

2.1 l tin + one tubular bag of 0.7 l
Container: Lattice box of 60 tins (126 l) + six cartons of 10 tubular bags (42 l)

Surface pretreatment: The substrate must be clean and free of all loose parts, dust, oil, grease, or other separating substances. It can be dry or damp. The base must be load-bearing and have the generally required tear strength of 1.5 N/mm2.

Mixing: PI.TROC21 resin and curing agent are supplied in matched quantities in tubular bags or tins. Ideally, both components should be homogeneously mixed using the four-component paste mixing unit with SAM700 compulsory mixer in a ratio of 3:1 (resin: curing agent). Complete emptying of the containers is indispensable for maintaining the mixing ratios and is necessary for ecological reasons.

Processing: PI.TROC21 is usually inserted into the nozzle to be rehabilitated using robot technology such as the PI.TRON form work and injection system. The form work technology is used for this purpose.

*Unless otherwise stated, these data apply to a temperature of 20°C and a relative humidity of 50%.

PI.TROC21 injection resin

PI.TROC21 injection resin
PI.TROC21 injection resin

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