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SikaRoboTec® 56


SikaRoboTec®-56 is a solvent-free dual-component epoxy adhesive for repair work in sewers.

The resin can be processed using direct injection with Sika robots (SikaRobot®) on moist surfaces and under flowing waste water.

Areas of application

SikaRoboTec® 56 is used in sewers made of concrete, stone, asbestos cement, brick, and PVC in order to

  • Grout collars
  • Inject material into cracks
  • Fill in holes
  • Glue down broken and shattered pieces
  • Glue down interior reinforcements

Product features / Advantages

  • Solvent-free
  • Harmless when coming in contact with groundwater (cured state)
  • Cures virtually without shrinking
  • Watertight
  • Good adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Resilient to moisture while curing
  • High abrasion resistance

Technical data

SikaRoboTec® 56 - Technical data

Type, colour

Comp. A: white; comp. B: black; comp. A+B: grey

Certificates, test reportsGeneral building control certification no. Z-42.3-226, German Institute for Structural Engineering
Storage conditions / shelf lifeIn the unopened, original container at a storage temperature between +5 °C and +30 °C: 12 months from the date of production 
Density2.1 kg/l (mixed)
Coefficient of thermal expansion114 • 10-6 (in a range of -25°C to +25°C)
E-module5500 N/mm2 in accordance with DIN EN 178
Mixing ratioComp. A : Comp. B = 1 : 1 part (pre-dosed tubular bags)
Pot life+20°C - 40 minutes (one mixture), 30 minutes) two mixtures)
+16°C  - 60 minutes (one mixture), 50 minutes (two mixtures)
Delivery method

Unipac of 500 ml (1 box of 6 portions comp. A + B)


Find out more about SikaRoboTec® 56, the solvent-free dual-component epoxy adhesive for repair work in sewers in this data sheet (German).

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