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EPOXONIC® EX 1355 sleeve filler is a solvent-free, dual component filling compound made on an epoxy resin amine basis. It is easy to make the resin flexible, and it has a high inner ductility, allowing the material to compensate for small amounts of mechanical tension. It was specially developed for underwater applications.

By reducing the e-module, and due to its low viscosity, EPOXONIC® EX 1355 was developed specifically for renovating sleeves. The resin is being used increasingly with formwork technology

EPOXONIC® EX 1355  - for renovating sleeves and use with formwork robots

Areas of application

EPOXONIC® EX 1355 sleeve filler is especially well suited to renovate / repair waste water, mixed, and rain water sewers in nominal widths between DN 150 and DN 800 using robot technology.

Sewers can be made of stone, clinker, concrete, fibre cement, reinforced concrete, or PVC. This resin is preferred in repairs to components which are unavoidably exposed to minor movements, such as pipe collars. The material's characteristics allow work in vertical, horizontal, and overhead areas. Adhesion between different materials, e.g. concrete, stone, PVC, and metal is possible. When used correctly (mill to create a grease-free surface), it creates a pressure-tight result which can bear heavy structural loads.

EPOXONIC® EX 1355 sleeve filler can also be used in waste water sewers in airport areas, since it is resistant to kerosene and typical de-icing agents.

Product characteristics


Inner ductility, making it suitable for pipe collars

Good processing

Overhead work possible

Adhesion to wet concrete

Curing above +8 °C possible

Curing under water possible

Low level of leaching during the curing phase


Specially designed for robot applications

Resistant to household waste water, oil, and petrol, for instance

Resistant to hot water

Adheres to PVC

Technical data

Characteristics (data sheet excerpt)

Type, colour

Component A: pasty; Component B: gel-like; Blend: pasty
Component A: grey-white, Component B: yellow-brown, Blend: cream coloured

Mixing ratioComp. A : Comp. B = 100 : 33 parts
Shore hardness (23 – 25 °C) (DIN EN ISO 868)according to 2 d: 70 Shore D;
according to 10 d: 75 Shore D;
according to 1 a: 80 Shore D;
according to 2 a: 80 Shore D
Density1.34 g/cm³ (SN EN ISO 1183)
(28 d/23 °C)
69.4 MPa (SN EN 196)
Flexural strength35.0 MPa
Shear strength23.8 MPa
Adhesive strength
dry surface
- moist surface
- concrete, water saturated

3.2 MPa
2.70 MPa
3.3 MPa (demolished concrete) (SN EN 1542)

Pot life13 - 15 °C 60 - 90 Min,
18 -  20 °C 40 - 50 Min,
25 °C 30 - 40 Min
Delivery method

Component A - 31 tinplate cans

Component B - sealed aluminium / plastic bags

large - 2.73 kg component A + 0,91 kg component B

small  - 1.66 kg component A + 0.55 kg component B

Download data sheet

Data sheet EPOXONIC® EX 1355 Sleeve Filler (PDF, german)

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