Geiger Kanaltechnik Invests in the Newest Smart Pipe Robot Made by Pipetronics

Company from Bavaria is First to Use the eCUTTER 15/40
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Truck Version


The system components for the operation of electric or hydraulic milling robots from Pipetronics, as well as manufacturers KA-TE1 and PMO1, can be deployed in trucks in 10 t and 12 t sizes. Our box-version is used here, where our system is built into a box that can be used for various vehicle carriages.

We can customise our box-version to precisely meet your requirements. With self-sufficient power and water supply, our box-version is highly flexible and only requires minimum preparation of the rehabilitation work.

1 These are third party brands that are in no way associated with Pipetronics GmbH & Co. KG.

Video: PI.TRON filling & grouting system - Truck-Version